Back to We distinguish ourselves for the excellence in service thanks to our professionalism in the CAIC observation of the laws and regulations that govern us. allowing us to offer our dients peace of mind, provide our employees and agents with development opportunities, and give our shareholders a commensurate profitability


  • To keep constant evaluations and continuous improvement of operational processes.
  • To use state-of-the-art technology.
  • To maintain the most professional and experienced sales force.
  • To develop a dynamic and motivated management team.
  • To offer efficiency and effectiveness in the services we provide.
  • To provide fast and reliable answers
  • To grow m market share and position ourselves as the leading company.


  • To use reliable distribution channels with access to our target market.
  • To keep a creative team that looks for new strategies to reach our target market by means of
  • Back to the development of products and innovative distribution channels.
  • To maintain a proper financial strategy.
  • To use our advantage as a bilingual and bicultural company.
  • To partner with strong companies that offer security and strength to our operation.


  • In CAIC we believe that each solution should be met with the strength, simplicity, and precision that is required to provide real value to our customers:
  • Financial stability as a consequence of assertive strategic and operative decisions.
  • Integrity and professionalism in all our activities.
  • Creativity in the development of new business strategies.
  • Service leadership and constant dedication to clients and representatives.